Trust & Estate Litigation Video Series

What is Undue Influence in California?
Children's Rights After Parents' Death
What are Children’s Rights after their Parents’ Death?
What Happens If a Trustee Doesn't Follow the Trust?
What Happens If a Trustee Doesn’t Follow the Trust?
What To Do If a Trustee Steals From a Trust
What To Do If a Trustee Steals From a Trust
What is an anti-isolation restraining order?
What is an Anti-Isolation Restraining Order?
How long does a trustee have to distribute assets?
How Long Does a Trustee Have to Distribute Assets?
Inheritance Hijacking: What It Is & How to Prevent It
How to Win a Trust Contest
What Happens When Someone Contests a Will?
The Stages of Trust & Estate Litigation
Tips for a Successful Deposition
Trust-Litigation-Jurisdiction-vs -Venue
Trust Litigation Jurisdiction vs. Venue