Merging with the Law Office of Michael J. Anderson

We have exciting news! As of September 1, 2019, our firm will be acquiring the  Law Office of Michael J. Anderson. Our firm, the Law Offices of Daniel A. Hunt, will still be in the same location with the same staff.  We will be adding attorney Michael Anderson who will be serving “Of Counsel” at our firm.

who is michael J. anderson?

Michael Anderson is a well-established Estate Planning attorney whose current office sits just down the street from ours on University Avenue. Having established his firm in 1982, Michael brings 37 years of experience practicing  Estate Planning Law. Starting in September, he will be transitioning to a semi-retired “Of Counsel” status.

information for michael anderson clients

All of Michael Anderson’s clients will be transferred to our firm on September 1, 2019. Michael will still be available to assist in legal matters as needed. Our firm will offer Mr. Anderson’s clients the same services we offer our clients, such as a no-cost consultation with Successor Trustee(s) when a Settlor passes away.

We are thrilled with the upcoming expansion! We look forward greatly to meeting each and every one of our new clients and offering them a warm welcome to our firm family.

Daniel Hunt

Daniel Hunt is lead attorney and owner at Law Offices of Daniel Hunt. He is also a California State Bar Certified Legal Specialist in Estate Planning, Trusts & Probate Law.