How Our Firm is Addressing the Pandemic

The coronavirus as it appears under a microscope

How is our firm addressing the pandemic? The Covid-19 pandemic has had a major effect on our community. Now that a shelter in place order has been issued in Sacramento and throughout California, only essential businesses are currently able to operate. Fortunately, some legal services are included in the essential category. This allows our firm to continue to serve our clients.  While adjustments are being made to protect those we serve, our firm is finding unique ways to meet needs during this unique period of time.

Phone Lines Remain Open During Pandemic

The Law Offices of Daniel Hunt continues to be here for our clients during the Coronavirus pandemic. Under the shelter in place order, our staff may not be able to schedule nonessential in-person meetings. However, our phone lines remain open during the pandemic for clients who have questions regarding their estate plans.

Virtual Consultations Now Available

We are using this time to expand our services! For the first time ever, we are offering virtual no-cost consultations and appointments with our attorneys. This technology will allow us to offer the same face-to-face experience of an in-office meeting from the comfort of your home. Time spent at home during the pandemic doesn’t need to be wasted. Why not use it to tackle a project you’ve been postponing, like creating or updating an estate plan?

Upcoming Estate Planning Webinar

While we have postponed the Estate Planning 101 seminar that was scheduled for March, we are again using this situation as an opportunity to expand our services! We will soon be offering our first ever no-cost Estate Planning 101 Webinar. This will allow folks to learn the Estate Planning basics without ever leaving their homes. More details to come.

New YouTube Channel

We’re busy creating new educational content to share with our clients no matter where they may be. We’ve started creating new videos weekly and posting them to our YouTube channel. Check them out and subscribe to get updates whenever we post new content.

Observe Pandemic Health Recommendations

Finally, we encourage all of our clients, especially our older and most vulnerable ones, to self-isolate to the extent possible during the coronavirus pandemic and follow the health directives we have received. If a medical issue does arise and essential changes need to be made to estate planning documents, please contact a qualified estate planning attorney for assistance. 

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